To foster and develop the arts in the geographic area of Middletown, Delaware encompassing the community’s culturally diverse resources and to preserve the historic nature of the Everett theatre.Our mission focuses in two primary directions: the visual arts expressed through the Gilbert W. Perry Center for the Arts and the performing arts expressed through the Everett Theatre complex.

The Everett Theatre debuted on November 9, 1922. It was designed by noted theater architects W.H. Hoffman and Paul J. Henon, Jr. The Philadelphia architectural firm was known for its theater designs—100 theaters in total, 46 of them in Philadelphia alone. From the day it first opened, the Everett was a favorite place for everyone in the area to enjoy new motion pictures or vaudeville stage performances.

Generations of Middletown-area residents enjoyed the special experience of seeing a movie in a distinguished movie house. The Everett Theatre was beloved by many. That fact didn’t always protect it from societal pressures. As televisions and state-of-the-art movie theaters and shopping malls all took away the Everett’s potential audience, it fell on hard times. In 1983, a group of concerned citizens formed the Associated Community Talents, Inc., a nonprofit organization, to purchase the Everett Theatre and restore it. Associated Community Talents, Inc. evolved into The Everett, Inc. That nonprofit operates both the Everett Theatre and The Gibby Center for the Arts.

dead poet webIn 1989, the movie “Dead Poets Society” was filmed at both St. Andrew School in Middletown, and our very own Everett Theatre. A complete film crew appeared on Main Street. What a sight it was with fabricated snow covering the street. The Everett theatre is featured in this film as the Theater to present “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” and will forever be documented in film history.

Today, The Everett Theatre hosts monthly movies, stage musicals and plays, a children’s series, and camps and classes.  Be sure to keep visiting our site or like us on Facebook
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Remembering Dead Poet's Society

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